George Jackson & Patrik Ahlberg

George Jackson & Patrik Ahlberg

  • Contemporary
  • Fiddle
  • Folk
  • Nordic

The USA has long been the meeting place and melting pot of the world’s music and culture. It’s no coincidence then, that two fiddle players George Jackson and Patrik Ahlberg, from New Zealand and Sweden respectively, felt the magnetism of America and found themselves living between two cities on American Interstate 65.

After meeting in Chicago teaching at a summer music school in 2016, George and Patrik met again in Nashville to begin working on arrangements of tunes for two fiddles. Bringing together sounds from the deep tradition of Swedish folk music, the celtic origins of antipodean immigration and a shared passion for the traditions of Appalachian America, George and Patrik play spirited and thoughtful dance music and combine their influences without restraint.

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