Gabriella Simpkins

Gabriella Simpkins

  • Indie Folk
  • Singer/Songwriter

Gabriella Simpkins is an award-winning singer-songwriter, composer, and musician hailing from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Originally a hobbyist classical flautist and incidental songwriter and arranger, Simpkins began to focus more seriously on a career in music in her freshman year of college. She originally planned to study biology and go to medical school to avoid the economic instability of an arts career, but very quickly realized that a STEM career gave her no sense of fulfillment of purpose. Instead of doing homework, she would spend many nights teaching herself to play the guitar and reading voraciously about songwriting and music theory. She would regularly practice in three- to four-hour sessions and study the lyrics of indie rock and folk legends like Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, and Sufjan Stevens. She began to devote most of her free time to songwriting and composing arrangements for her songs, and began playing original songs as a solo artist at local open mics and events on Cape Cod with encouragement from friends. 

Gabriella’s undergraduate studies are now focused in music theory and composition, which has greatly enhanced the cerebral quality of her songwriting and brought to life the depth of her lyricism. An avid student of Impressionism, her songs, instrumentals, and art music are rife with complex harmonies, unshakable melodies, and clever metaphors, all rolled together with hints of very successfully integrated teenage vulnerability. Currently, Gabriella performs regularly in the Boston area and works as a freelance composer while finishing her undergraduate studies at Salem State University. She has won awards from the Cape-based Eventide Theater Company for her songwriting and received grants from the esteemed Club Passim to support her creative journey.

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