Gabriella Simpkins

Gabriella Simpkins

  • Indie Folk
  • Singer/Songwriter

Gabriella Simpkins is an award-winning independent singer-songwriter, composer, arranger, and musician hailing from Cape Cod, MA. Always dancing to the beat of her own drum, the range of Gabriella’s musicianship knows very few boundaries and has grown over the past ten years to include jazz flute, classical composing, fingerstyle guitar, and much more. Her creations are a true melting pot of these diverse endeavors.

Inspired by the likes of Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, Karen Dalton, and Amy Winehouse, Gabriella’s music is a blend of folk and indie rock informed by her love of complex jazz and classical harmonies. Supported by her impressionistic guitar playing, her songwriting blurs the lines between the concrete and abstract to tap into her deepest vulnerabilities, and she seeks to create an experience in which listeners can do the same.


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