Folk Alliance International

Folk Alliance International

Folk Alliance International (FAI) is an international arts nonprofit and NEA-designated National Arts Service Organization based in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Founded in 1989, weโ€™re a community of passionate and driven artists, managers, agents, DJs, festivals, record labels, fans, and more. We exist to keep the tradition of folk music thriving through preservation, presentation, and promotion.

Folk is more than just a genre of music. Weโ€™re committed to the ethos of folk by creating a welcoming and inclusive space for all, no matter what it takes. We understand the value of folk music and where it fits in with the broader arts community and have dedicated our lives and careers to pushing the genre forward and breaking boundaries.

Weโ€™ve built our community over the years to now include an expanded global network of more than 3,000 cultural sector entrepreneurs and leaders.

Through our responsive programming built on the foundation of community building, and dedicated resources intended to support those who create this art form we love, we hope to continue sharing the music of the people for years to come.

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