Emilio Gonzalez

Emilio Gonzalez

EMILIO JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ [he/him] is a composer, percussionist, and educator from the Pacific Northwest. His music is influenced by classical and pop genres as much as it is from nature and the (super)natural world; from the forests of Washington state to folk legends from around the world. His most recent compositions have been heavily inspired by his efforts to decolonize his identity and uncover his own indigenous roots.

With his performance background as a percussionist, his music explores how to use instruments in an interesting and idiomatic, yet percussive way. And he uses atonality and rhythmic complexity to try and create vivid imagery, as his primary goal has always been to tell a story.

He has received commissions from the Onomatopoeia Trio (TAHLEQUAH for flute, alto saxophone, and F horn); from Alec Wilmart and Mariko Lane of Kellogg Middle School and Einstein Middle School (TAHOMA for concert band); from Dr. Miho Takekawa (PETRICHOR for alto flute, percussion, and harp); from Steven Smith and the Cleveland Chamber Symphony (LA ISLA DE LAS MUÑECAS for chamber orchestra); from Jason Gilliam, Dr. Joanna Ross Hersey, and Dr. Robert Benton (BEAN SÍ for euphonium and prepared piano); from Megan Grady and Dr. Erik Steighner (FLUTTERS for Eb clarinet and soprano saxophone); from Dan Kexel and the Cedar Heights Middle School Advanced Band (SOMEDAY for concert band); and from Dr. Jeffrey Bell-Hanson and the Pacific Lutheran University Symphony Orchestra (OBSESSION for symphony orchestra).

In 2019, he received a Master of Music in Composition from Bowling Green State University. He also holds a Bachelor of Music in Composition from Pacific Lutheran University. His primary teachers have included Elainie Lillios, Mikel Kuehn, and Gregory Youtz.

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