Eduardo Betancourt

Eduardo Betancourt

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Considered “one of the iconic harpists of this new age,” Eduardo Betancourt is a Grammy-award winning Venezuelan musician, producer, arranger, composer, instructor, and multi-instrumentalist with 30 years of experience in traditional and fusion Venezuelan music.

In 2010, Betancourt won a Latin Grammy Award for his participation on the album “Tesoros de la música Venezolana” by Ilan Chester, and in 2016, he was nominated on the album “Pa’ Tío Simón” with Rafael “Pollo” Brito.  At the 2016 Pepsi Music Awards in Venezuela, Betancourt’s personal album, AD LIBITUM, was nominated three times for “Best Artist,” “Best Song,” and “Best Album.” His many accomplishments include more than 100 recordings, and performances with renowned international artists such as: Simon Diaz, Oscar D León, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Danny Rivera, Luis Salinas, Jorge Celedón, and artists from Venezuela.

Betancourt founded the duo Luna & Betancourt (piano and harp) with Gabriel Luna, classical pianist and Chairman of the Department of Folk Music of Argentina in the National Conservatory of Music in Buenos Aires.

As a guest instructor at Berklee College of Music in 2018, he offered a Master Class of Harp and Venezuelan music entitled “Eduardo Betancourt: Venezuelan Harp, from Traditional to Contemporary” through the Latin Minor Studies program led by Professor Oscar Stagnaro. Currently, Betancourt collaborates with the Venezuelan Project, a Latin Jazz group who have performed at the House of Blues and on National Public Radio (NPR), and solo under the name EduardoProject, giving workshops and teaching master classes throughout the world.  His courses can also be found online at Harp School.

Betancourt plays on Electric Llanera and Camac EC harps (their design and construction he helped guide for the French harp company, Les Harpes Camac). With his instruments, he explores and applies new sonorities to traditional Venezuelan music, giving his work a refreshing contemporary sound.

“Eduardo Betancourt is undoubtedly a leader in his field… With his acoustic harp, he brings together traditional Venezuelan musical styles. With his electric harp, he expands the horizons of his instrument, carving out new identities for it in the twenty-first century.” -Jakez François, President, Les Harpes Camac

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