Dave Herlihy

Dave Herlihy

  • Singer/Songwriter

Dave Herlihy is probably best-known as lead singer in Boston alt-rock mainstays O Positive, which first captured audiences around the Boston club scene during the mid-eighties. At a time where the industry was dominated by hair metal and unadventurous promoters, O Positive’s unique sound earned them a place on college and commercial radio stations alike across the country. The band released several acclaimed EP’s and albums (“Only Breathing” Throbbing Lobster, 1985; “Cloud Factory” Link, 1987; “toyboattoyboatTOYBOAT” Epic, 1990; and “Home Sweet Head” Smashing Records, 1993, and has shared stages with Sinead O’Connor, Bryan Ferry, The Psychedelic Furs, the Pixies and many others.

Despite playing their last show in January 1995, O Positive’s legend lives on and Herlihy still speaks fondly of being a part of the pivotal 80’s and 90’s local music scene. When he isn’t inspiring young musicians through lectures at Northeastern or Berklee and providing legal advice to emerging artists through his private law practice, Herlihy is still producing great music–this time around for his own enjoyment. In his O Positive days, Herlihy felt the constant pressure to be the best. Now he just creates music for himself, without feeling the need to compare or compete. This past September, Herlihy released the first single from Postcards from Kindergarten Vol. 1. “The Invisible Girl” is a guitar-driven pop song with a melodic, memorable chorus that won’t quit.

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