Daniel Lutz

Daniel Lutz

Daniel Lutz imagines a world in tune. A melodic missionary, he seeks to inspire a sense of old-world exploration and future wonder. Through song he is grasping for eternal truth that can be held in the palm of your soul. His music aims to reconcile opposing forces: the realm of towering dreams and primordial nightmares; what is exquisite and what is homely; and the timeless rifts between science, religion, and dueling political factions.

He draws inspiration from cult figures like Judee Sill, the works of English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams and the colonial fusion in Northern Sudanese music. His style of songwriting, which he coined Sidereal Blues, is reminiscent of many great artists but will mostly leave you with incomparable revelations.

“…I’m very much wowed and speechless by [his] performances…”—Damien Jurado

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