Çeşni Trio

Çeşni Trio

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At turns romantic and elegant, vivacious and playful, the music of Çeşni Trio is grounded in the flavors (çeşniler) of Turkish makam music while remaining deeply personal and contemporary.

The trio guides listeners from dove-tailing contemplative melodies to odd-metered tunes that throw caution to the wind. Tev Stevig (tanbur, oud, fretless guitar and alterna-telli) and Michael K. Harrist (yaylı tanbur, double bass, ney and voice) first met in Istanbul in 2010. Back home in Boston, MA they found themselves playing and studying Ottoman art music together in Orkestra Marhaba. As an idea for a trio began to take hold, the group found kinship with Fabio Pirozzolo (darbuka, riq, bendir, tombak, davul) and Çeşni Trio was born. The ensemble is excited to release its first full length record titled “The Fluid Score” in late April.

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