Catfish in the Sky

Catfish in the Sky

  • Bluegrass
  • Folk Pop

Catfish in the Sky is a band that’s hard to pin down. With an instrument make-up of fiddle, cello, cajon, and ukulele, these young musicians are breaking musical barriers in ways that frankly shouldn’t work, but somehow do. With a style described as “Upbeat Americana Folk-Grass for All Ages,” these Berklee students are able to combine the vast array of styles and musical backgrounds they come from, creating sets that often cause bystanders to stop in their tracks. Ranging from fiddle tune standards to original music, Catfish in the Sky is sure to have something everyone will love.

Catfish in the Sky is made up of Ruth Shumway on Fiddle, Sammy Wetstein on Cello, Owen Miller On Cajón, and Sho Humphries on Ukulele. With music described as, “upbeat electric Americana folk-grass for all ages”, the quartet combines styles from the diverse musical worlds they each come from. The quartet currently attends Berklee, pursuing their studies while performing in Boston and beyond.

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