Brent Baxter

Brent Baxter

  • Country

Brent Baxter grew up writing short stories in his small hometown of Batesville, Arkansas. However, it wasn’t until his sophomore year at Arkansas State University that he first discovered songwriting. Back home over Christmas break, a friend put a melody to a poem Brent had written, and he was hooked.

Brent sharpened his songwriting skills while earning both a bachelor and masters degree in business (MBA). During that time, he was also active in his local NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association) chapter. Following college, he joined the local songwriting community while working his day job at a telecommunications company in Little Rock, Arkansas. In March of 2002, Brent traded his cubicle for a rented room in Nashville. When he wasn’t waiting tables or working in the royalty/administration department of Bluewater Music, he was writing songs and meeting with publishers.

Brent’s first cut came in early 2004, as “Monday Morning Church” was recorded by Alan Jackson. The song went on to become a top five hit. In early 2005, Brent signed his first publishing deal, becoming a staff songwriter for Major Bob Music. That deal yielded cuts by Randy Travis, Lonestar, and Lady Antebellum, among others.

In 2009 and 2010, Brent wrote for a joint venture of Peer Music and RPM Music, and that deal has yielded cuts by Ray Stevens, Randy Kohrs, Lathan Moore, Kal Hourd and others. Currently, Brent is the flagship writer for the newly formed Infinity Music Group.

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