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Classical, Folk and Dance Music From Where the Sun Rises.  Anatolia, derives from the Greek word anatolḗ, which means ‘where the sun rises’. Bolahenk Trio will be presenting classical, folk and dance music from Anatolia, modern day Turkey.


Raised in the Western classical music tradition, Ceren Türkmenoğlu is a violinist who is always aiming to engage other genres of music as much as possible in her repertoire and expand her musical language with the music of other traditions, especially her own, Turkish Classical Music. She has been a member of Ankara State Opera and Ballet Orchestra and Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra in Turkey and since January 2017 she enjoys continuing her performances in Boston as a recitalist, chamber and orchestra musician both in classical music and Turkish traditional music.


Efe performed with various Turkish Music Ensembles in Washington, DC and Chicago before moving to Boston. He performs with Orkestra Marhaba and he is also a member of Cambridge Musiki Cemiyeti, where he studies various forms of Ottoman music as well as traditional instruments such as tanbur, kemençe and ney.


Performs and works with artists in a wide array of world traditions including Turkish art music, Hindustani music, Jazz, Western art music and American roots music. He has performed throughout North America, Europe and Turkey with various ensembles including Ameranouche, Cesni Trio, Ross Daly and Kelly Thoma, Sol & Kiel, Capillary Action and the Labyrinth Modal Music Orchestra. Michael teaches workshops and private lessons in world music traditions (primarily Turkish makam and Hindustani raga), monophonic and polyphonic composition and instrumental practice and performance.

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