Billy Keane

Billy Keane

  • Americana
  • Indie Rock
  • Singer/Songwriter

Billy Keane is a wanderer, a taker of the scenic route. From college dropout to world traveler to touring musician, Billy’s path is a winding one, and one which he has seen and experienced through the eyes of a singer/songwriter of a unique kind. In early 2020, Billy refound his sobriety from alcohol, ending a long lasting and destructive battle with himself, and beginning a new life of clarity, gratitude, and a deep and abiding appreciation for and love of simple living.

Gaining notoriety as the co-founder of the berkshire based collaborative The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow, Billy Keane’s sound is a blending of neo folk/americana with psychedelic indie rock and country. It is inspired by his life, listening and his belief that to be human means to experience the universe and our world, its people and to reflect all that back upon itself through artistic expression. He can be found performing his resounding anthemic songs either as a solo act with an acoustic guitar, or with his band, The Waking Dream

Keane’s debut album, Too Much to Let it Go released in August 2022, has garnered over 200,000 streams, radio play across AAA radio nationally and critical acclaim across No Depression, The Boot and Americana Highways.

Billy’s musical legacy has taken him to festivals all over the country and he has had the honor of sharing the stage with household names like James Taylor, Yo Yo Ma, The Gin Blossoms and Blues Traveler and headlining folk clubs such as Cambridge’s Club Passim, Saratoga Springs Caffe Lena, NYC’s Rockwood Music Hall and San Francisco’s Hotel Utah.

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