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Amis du Teche

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Amis du Teche: Translation, ‘Friends of the Teche’. Simply named because its members are friends who grew up living on the historic Bayou Teche in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Amis du Teche is steeped in the Louisiana Cajun music culture. Their rich connection with their hometown of Breaux Bridge and growing up along the banks of Bayou Teche have brought each member together. The bayou is
where they met, jammed, performed, and now recorded.
Now 22 years of age, Adeline Miller has been playing fiddle since she was 5. She has performed Cajun musicwith her younger brother, Robert, as far as Portland, Maine and Nova Scotia, Canada, for their Festival Acadien de Clare at a ripe age of 16. Adeline has attended the Sainte Anne University French Immersion Program in Nova Scotia three times to find the true meaning of the songs
she sings. She later pursued a minor in French at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in the heart of Acadiana. She is a graduate from the University of Louisiana in Lafayette as part of the Cajun Ensemble,
Bluegrass Ensemble, and String Ensemble where she has transitioned to mandolin, guitar, and singing other genres
of music. This past summer was the bands’ first international tour in Canada performing throughout New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Even sharing their unique cultural connection headlining in front of the Church at Grand Pré, Acadiens’ National Historic Site. Because of these efforts, Amis du Teche was selected as a member of Louisiana Tourism’s Music Ambassador Program. Adeline has enjoyed performing at many local festivals as well such as Festival Acadien, Festival International, BlackPot, and Celtic Bayou Festival just this past year. She and Amelia are regarded as upcoming young women of Cajun Music,and are passionate about carrying the torch of Cajun Culture throughout each generation.
Cathryn Hanks (21),is a guitarist and singer with a long-instilled love for Cajun music. She grew up playing with her father, Ryan Hanks. The beloved cajun musician passed on his love for the culture to her and it only continues to grow. She is a music business major at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She has been involved with the traditional music program there, participating in the String and Cajun ensembles on mandolin, fiddle, and vocals. She is also an employee at KRVS Radio Acadie which has fed her interest in the Louisiana culture from arts, music, language and more. While she loves the business side of the music industry
and is ecstatic about her internships lined up with Louisiana Folk Roots and Le Grenier Musique in Moncton, her first love is playing music and performing.

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