Amber Wilds

Amber Wilds

  • Folk
  • Progressive

Amber Wilds is a progressive folk band that blends sensitive instrumentals with evocative lyricism. With earthy vocals, dynamic guitar, and rich string bass, the group creates timeless songs that feel like warmth on a winter day. Inspired by the likes of Watchhouse, Gregory Alan Isakov, and Courtney Marie Andrews, their music harkens to the nature-inspired roots of Americana blended with classical and contemporary songs, sounds, and stories.

Originally having met in the sun-soaked Arizona desert through a high school fiddle group, bandleaders Devon Gardner and Adam Gurczak now call the bustling streets of Boston home. Whether playing as a duo or in compliments of three or four with other incredible artists, Amber Wilds offers songs of solace, inviting you to rest your mind, wander to the beyond, and find beauty in the wilds.

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