Almira Ara

Almira Ara

  • R&B
  • Rock
  • Singer/Songwriter

Almira Ara is a 21 year-old songwriter, singer, and producer that focuses on melding Rock and R&B together to create a genre that is truest to their creations. With influences ranging from Queen and Tracy Chapman to Kehlani, Almira captures aspects of the past and present to create music that can resonate with future generations. Their music is also heavily influenced by their community, which consists of queer Black and POC people, whether their music is talking about queer love or issues that members of the community face.

Ara is based in Boston, Massachusetts, where they are a member of the inaugural Folk Collective at the legendary Club Passim and a co-founder of The Fae Richards Collective: a collective intent on creating a community for Black queer creatives to be seen, be heard, and thrive.

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