Alex Fam

Alex Fam

Alex Fam is a creative force that has made a name for herself among a community of joy-seeking and imaginative people in Boston and the Northeast.  Alex released her first record, Come Close, in 2019 and has since released two singles, multiple music videos, and toured throughout the Northeast and North Carolina both solo and with accompanying musicians.

Alex’s music reflects her spontaneity and openness on stage, incorporating ukulele and violin accompaniment, audience participation, a loop pedal and uplifting lyrics.  Alex frequently uses multiple art forms in performances and art creation including collage, stop motion videos, dance, and live painting.

Alex’s new album, “Real Life Magic” will be accompanied by a visual art exhibit as well as several music videos. “Real Life Magic” is a deeper representation of Alex’s spirit with themes of connecting with nature, learning what it means to become your true self, and always staying young at heart.

When Alex is not writing and performing her original music, she helps children with communication disabilities learn to express themselves to their fullest potential.

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