What Exactly Should I Practice and Why?

What Exactly Should I Practice and Why?

  • Americana
  • Blues
  • Folk
  • Guitar
  • Instrumental
  • Pop
  • School of Music workshop
  • Singer/Songwriter

A workshop designed to clearly identify the many factors involved in growing an all around musicianship on guitar and vocals: ear training, applied theory, technique, style, rhythm, finger-style. Once defined, how can those activities show up on the guitar? This content-loaded workshop is also sampler of all my courses and can include some performance coaching if asked. What, how and why I teach the things I teach. How to compose a practice routine that works for yourself? Lots of content and tips to help you become your own instructor.

This workshop will be held from 3:00-5:00pm on Saturday, March 2.

Please note: The Passim School of Music is located at 26 Church St. Cambridge, MA. Classrooms are located on the third floor and, unfortunately, we do not have an elevator. 

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