Unlocking the Guitar Neck: Level 1

Unlocking the Guitar Neck: Level 1

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Sick of being constrained to open chords? Wanting to find all those tasty notes and chords your favorite songs have, but don’t know where to start or how to break it down into bite-size chunks?

Through the use of a few scales and chord positions, this workshop aims to open up the whole guitar neck for a lifetime of musical exploration and wonder. Diagrams, worksheets and select repertoire will be given.

The goal of this workshop is to enhance your musical tool box. The information transmitted will be CONCEPTUAL in that it can be applied to ALL music/styles. Light music theory will be discussed and more importantly APPLIED TO THE GUITAR NECK.

Students will be able to walk away with a solid practice routine regardless of style and song-taste tailored to their own time-constraints. This workshop functions for the dabbler (10-15 minutes of playing time a day) or the obsessor (1-8 hours of playing a day).

Both single-note playing (melodies) and chords will be discussed.

Pre-requistes: Must be able to sing a major scale or identify it by ear (do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti), the names of the strings of the guitar (Lowest to highest: E A D G B E) and open chords (E, A, D, G, C, F).

This workshop runs from 11:00am-1:00pm. 

Please note: The Passim School of Music is located at 26 Church St. Cambridge, MA. Classrooms are located on the third floor and, unfortunately, we do not have an elevator. 

Stash Wyslouch

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A brilliant and free-thinking mind…you’ll be glad to know him” – Chris Eldridge (Punch Brothers)

Stash Wyslouch is a musician based out of the Boston area. He currently leads his own band, The Stash Band, that’s been described by the Boston Herald as a “Sonic Kaleidoscopic of Weirdness and Wonder.” Stash plays guitar in Old-Time Appalachian Stringband trio Molsky’s Mountain Drifters and can also be found playing guitar with the Jacob Jolliff BandCorporate Punk (Sean Trischka) and Tony Trischka’s Early Roman Kings. A songwriter, composer, guitarist, teacher, music appreciator and nerd, Stash is known for his whacky neo-flatpick style and inventive compositions and improvisations. He’s released two albums of original music with The Stash Band* and played on dozens of records as a supporting musician.

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