The Private Lesson Business: A Workshop for Music Teachers

The Private Lesson Business: A Workshop for Music Teachers

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Several years ago, I started working with a business coach because I knew the way I was running my private lesson practice wasn’t working. I was teaching 6 days a week, including during school breaks, not taking vacations, and hadn’t written a song in a couple of years.

I believed that the only way I could earn good money was to compromise my values by engaging in icky, pushy marketing tactics.I created this workshop because it turns out there’s a simple, totally doable way to make great money without being salesy or sleazy.

My former side hustle is now my full time gig (even while navigating a global pandemic!)

I’m now experiencing the most creative time in my life and also experiencing this very strange new sensation: RESTED (!!) Also, I know I’m a better teacher now that I’m not dragging my tired ass from lesson to lesson. In this workshop, I’ll teach you how to organize how you offer lessons so they:

Serve your students in an awesome way
Create consistent income for you
Do it in a way that won’t turn you into someone you can’t stand

This class will be held from 1:00pm – 3:00pm ET on Sunday, March 7th.

Please note: Limited to students 16 yrs of age or older; Pre-sales are highly encouraged! Sales end 15 minutes before the class begins. 3 students are required for this class to meet. If a class is cancelled due to low enrollment, you will be notified and receive a full refund.

Janet Feld

  • Folk Rock
  • Singer/Songwriter

Award winning singer-songwriter, Janet Feld, captivates audiences across the nation and listeners across the globe with engaging performances filled with her wry sense of humor and sassy playfulness.

Audiences find themselves moved as the music shifts from the engrossing true story, Rosalie’s Diamonds, that describes how Feld’s grandmother rescued her family from Nazi- occupied Austria in the late 1930’s to her deeply introspective work in I Met Myself to her description of life’s paradoxes in Messy Beauty, the title cut to her newest release.

Sought after for her talents as an opening artist, Janet has opened for Cheryl Wheeler, Aztec Two Step, John Gorka, Dar Williams, and Tom Kimmel. She has also performed at folk festivals from coast to coast throughout her over three decade career.

Janet’s recordings range from productions with a host of studio musicians to the simple clarity of a voice and guitar, with a touch of piano. Messy Beauty is a journey back to the studio after her last release, I Met Myself. After releasing a bare bones recording for her last album, she decided to record her latest with Doug Kwartler of The Lied To’s for a fuller sound.

In addition to performing, Janet teaches guitar and songwriting at The Passim School of Music. She is also Founder and Chief Music Officer of Janet’s Planet: Music Lessons For Humanoids, Inc., offering private lessons, weekend retreats and international excursions to people of all ages. Her goal is to help people experience the fact that you don’t have to be from the “special talented people” planet in order to play music.

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