Guitar and Voice Integrated

Guitar and Voice Integrated

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Why spend 30 minutes on your voice, then 30 on your guitar when a combined session can potentially yield greater results than the sum of the two? In this playful but focused course, the guitar becomes your voice coach and the voice your guitar instructor. Guitar playing, ear training and singing will be combined into fun exercises that will strengthen the singer’s pitch, breath, ease of flow, while getting a grip on basic harmony and the fret-board’s organisation. The act of playing and singing will become one thing and second nature.  But behind the fun, those musical exercises can actually be powerful tools to expand your overall musicianship, as well as your self-confidence.This coures will include Warm-ups,(conditionning) Work-outs, (grow range &strength) Ear-training,(Pitch recognition) Singing Harmony, (Theory made real). We will look at how the voice works, proper ergonomics for both voice and guitar. (It’s a two for one course!)Taking a page from the actor’s way of working with and developing the voice, this class may also yield the benefit of blasting through obstacles such as shyness, self-consciousness or lack of self-confidence. Actors do not mind working the voice in a group, why should we, after all? So welcome, and take the step into a friendly and supportive atmosphere.  

This class will be held from 6:30-7:45pm on Thursday: March 15, 22, 29, April 5, 12, 19.
Please note: The Passim School of Music is located at 26 Church St. Cambridge, MA. Classrooms are located on the third floor and, unfortunately, we do not have an elevator. 

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