Backing Traditional Tunes in DADGAD

Backing Traditional Tunes in DADGAD

  • Acoustic
  • Celtic
  • Guitar
  • School of Music workshop

In this workshop, we’ll delve into the DADGAD guitar tuning and its uses in backing traditional music. We’ll take an approach that is accessible for all levels, starting with basic concepts and building upon them to inspire an individual direction. We’ll touch on some technique as it relates to the style, and we’ll play along to common tunes, adding interest and intrigue as we go. No DADGAD experience necessary.

This workshop runs for two hours.

Please note: The Passim School of Music is located at 26 Church St. Cambridge, MA. Classrooms are located on the third floor and, unfortunately, we do not have an elevator.  

Limited to 7 students (16 yrs of age or older); 3 students are required for class to meet. If a class is cancelled due to low enrollment, you will receive a full refund.

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