Abbie Duquette

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Abbie Duquette

Marketing Manager

Abbie hails from the great state of Maine, but currently lives and breathes in Jamaica Plain, MA with her dog, Travis. She graduated from Smith College where she studied music, documentary film making, and the art of ordering takeout.  Prior to joining Team Passim, she worked at Signature Sounds Recordings in Northampton, MA, for four years as the label project manager. Signature Sounds allowed for a melting pot of experience through the label, The Parlor Room, and Green River Festival.

Music was a crucial part of Abbie’s childhood, and singing remains one of her favorite pastimes. When she is not marketeering, working with bands, or going to shows, Abbie can be found playing fetch with her incredibly adorable dog, working tirelessly to find edible soy-free/dairy-free/gluten-free food (#allergies), and playing electric bass.

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