James Rohr, Martha Bourne & Steve Mayone

James Rohr, Martha Bourne & Steve Mayone

  • Folk
  • Pop/Rock
  • Singer/Songwriter

The Blue Ribbons

  • Jazz
  • Rock
  • Roots

2015 Boston Music Award Winners, The Blue Ribbons was formed by singer/songwriter/keyboardist James Rohr. They have been building a base of devoted fans with their original and soulful music. Described as “Ray Charles and Tom Waits on a pirate ship with Sun Ra and Captain Beefheart,” they combine “upbeat disillusionment and celebratory fatalism with musicianship” – Charan Devereux; Boston Globe.

Together and individually, the members of The Ribbons have performed and/or recorded with lots of other people who make good music too.

All very active musicians, each member of The Blue Ribbons brings his influences and experiences to the music and this is at the heart of their creativity. Anything goes in this band, and it usually does.

Martha Bourne

  • Folk
  • Singer/Songwriter

Martha is from Rocky Mount, North Carolina. She could have spent her childhood chained to the piano, but instead she liked to play ball. She was classically trained on the piano by her teacher Thelma Sasser, who was more than often disappointed in Martha’s lack of discipline. During high school, she was mentored by rocky mount senior high’s legendary band director, John C. Sykes, Jr., who taught her most everything she knows about precision in music, reading charts, rehearsal techniques and playing in and leading a band. Under his tutelage, she was exposed to a broader range of musical genres, learned other instruments including the clarinet, saxophone and flute. In college, she played in several jazz and orchestral ensembles and eventually took up the guitar and played in local venues (The Cave, Cat’s Cradle, etc.)

As a singer/songwriter. After finally finishing college, she relocated to Salt Lake City, to co-found the band my Sister Jane. They played regularly at The Zephyr, The Dead Goat Saloon. In 1993, they won a free trip to showcase at south by southwest in Austin, Texas. They independently produced three cds and a music video. Their last release, Big Dirt, received favorable reviews in industry trade magazines including Gavin and CMJ (College of Music Journal).

Martha also writes music for film and tv. Her music has been featured in independent feature-length films including Breaking Free, directed by David Mackay, and Amy Hobby’s Coney Island Baby. She also scored a short film, written and directed by Bridget Bedard, entitled Grasshopper, for which she received a grant from the Utah Arts Council/NEA to compose. Her television credits include numerous placements on daytime tv and the upcoming series deliver me on the Discovery Channel.

Steve Mayone

  • Americana
  • Folk
  • Singer/Songwriter

Steve Mayone is a songwriter/producer/musician living in Brooklyn, N.Y. He’s released 5 CD’s, his songs and instrumentals having been placed in independent films and TV shows. He an in demand session and live musician, playing and recording with Kate Taylor, Bow Thayer, Kris Delmhorst, Matt Keating, Treat Her Right, and Todd Thibaud. His production credits include The Cambridge-Somerville All Stars, American Thread and The Blue Ribbons.

Steve’s music has received excellent reviews: Americana UK called Mayone “a master songsmith,” while Miles of Music says, “Mayone ties up all of Americana, folk, classic and roots-rock, effortlessly flowing from one to the next and never at a loss for interest.”

Long Story Short: Started playing the guitar and writing songs in 1977. Recorded home albums on Cassette Tape (soon to be compiled for a collection on his Bandcamp page). Steve attended Berklee College of Music in the 80’s, and released two albums with the band Big Clock. In the early 90’s Steve moved to Minneapolis to work with his friend Michael Koppelman, forming the band Raintribe with him. Returning to Boston in the mid 1990′s, he joined forces with Dan Cantor and formed the band Hummer. In 2004 he released his first official solo CD Bedroom Rockstar to rave reviews; Miles of Music described it as “Americana, folk, classic and roots-rock, effortlessly flowing from one to the next and never at a loss for interest.” After touring England and Ireland, he released Unfortunate Son in 2005. Smother wrote of Unfortunate Son as “another notch on a belt of talented pop-rock ventures with slight Americana bends and juicy roots rock. Good stuff.” Stripping back to basics, he released Understories in 2006, an acoustic album, and in 2009 he released Long Play Record, “an impressive collection of songs” according to Americana UK. Beautiful Blood was released in 2013, produced and written by Steve and his long lost cousin Kristina Stykos. In 2015 Steve will release his next album, to be produced with Andy Plaisted.

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