BCMFest 2023

Boston Celtic Music Festival 2023

The 20th annual Boston Celtic Music Festival, known as BCMFest, returns to Club Passim and various venues January 12-15, 2023. Presented by Passim, a Cambridge-based non-profit that supports a vibrant music community through Club Passim, the Passim School of Music, artist grants and outreach initiatives.

The 2023 festival will showcase Greater Boston’s deep tradition of music, song and dance from Irish, Scottish, Cape Breton and other Celtic communities. BCMFest features acts that are ‘trad-to-the-bone’ as well as others that draw on contemporary sounds and ideas; full-time, professional touring acts as well as evenings-and-weekends musicians; and — most importantly — performers from across the generations.

Artist application available HERE. Accepted from July 20 – Sept 20.

For specific application questions, please contact Summer McCall at summer@passim.org.

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