What students say about the Passim School of Music

“Janet was just the right person to get me moving forward as a beginning guitar player. I learned much more than I expected I would. In the very first class Janet erased my anxieties about whether or not I could succeed. Now I'm playing some songs and feeling very good about my guitar future. Thanks Janet and Passim.”  -- Kevin Wilkinson, a 58 year-old beginner.


Janet Feld in Class“I particularly enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and opportunity to progress at my own pace within a group setting. Kudos to Kimberley Fraser -- a highly skilled musician who makes learning fun. Great classmates too!” -- David Sharfarz


“The instructors I've had (Kimber and Kimberley), the staff, and the other students all contributed to a wonderful learning experience; a good combination of technical instruction and playing tunes together added up to great classes, lots of fun.” -- Gail


“The ensemble experience at Passim in invaluable. It allows a student to take the next step, both to play with others and to play on stage. That the stage is Passim makes the experience so much greater.”


“I came to the US two years ago to do research at a university. I decided that I wanted to learn to play American music. What better way to get to know a country and a local community then by its music? The Passim School of Music is a great place to do this. I took the Honky-Tonk class and guitar lessons and I learned to play songs by Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash. I enjoy the classes and the recitals very much. Being around the instructors and the other students also inspired me to go to more concerts at Passim and elsewhere. The instructors (of the Honky Tonk class and the guitar classes) are great musicians and I like to listen to their CDs. -- Pleuni Pennings


Mountain Music May 2012“I love how Kimberley gets all of us thinking about all the musical components involved, not just melody or accompaniment based on our instrument. Melody people learn harmony and visa versa. We all take part in deciding how to shape harmonic progressions and how to put together a set. Empowering for all and great skill building. We all love Kimberley!”


Charlie Rose did the impossible. He made me a musician.” -- Daniela Jacobson


“After limited success in self teaching on Banjo, the time spent with Charlie in Beginning Banjo and Beyond Beginning Banjo has allowed me to turn the corner from below novice to being able to jam! The pace of the class is perfect for those who can strum a few chords to those with beginning three finger skills to those just learning to hold the instrument. Plus, it's lots of fun; especially playing together as a class - you can't get that from self-taught book lessons. Highly recommended!” -- Frank


Bertrand is a talented, passionate, and devoted artist who genuinely wants to spark and then ENJOY the creative potential latent in each of his students.” -- Jim Waugh


“Bertrand is an upbeat instructor who brings his soul to every class and shares his knowledge about the old blues masters and their techniques.”


"It's a fantastic opportunity to learn uke from an accomplished musician like Tim Mann. In addition to teaching chord fingerings, Tim also is able to impart a beginner's understanding of some basic music theory. This means that not only will you impress your friends by playing ‘Brown-Eyed Girl,’ but you can throw around phrases like 'major' and 'minor'! Seriously, Tim cares deeply about music, and that passion alone is a great gift that he gives his students."  -- Niki Vettel


A banjo student in Charlie Rose's class"I've taken several courses and workshops in the last few years and am a better musician for it.  Whatever it is you want to learn, it's there for you in an affordable (even more so if you're a Passim member!), friendly, [and] supportive atmosphere.  Don't just think about it...DO IT!"  -- Bill Sabat  

“Maria McNeil is both personally encouraging and musically thoughtful. She is able to articulate nuances of vocal technique so that the student can build on natural ability. Highly recommend.” -- Nina Hayes

"Guitar 1 was exactly what I wanted. I'd had a guitar for years and finally accepted that teaching myself was never going to happen. Janet teaches in a way that gets you HOOKED! I loved that I could play a song I knew after just one class and learning three chords. Tuesday nights became my favorite part of the week, and I can't wait to continue with the other classes!"

“Kimberley has a fantastic teaching style. She makes it easy for students to ask questions and manages to address individual concerns while still teaching the entire group substantial amounts of material. I found class time really enjoyable, the students are great and clearly there to have fun, learn music, and enjoy each other in the process.”

"My guitar classes at Passim have been a Godsend. It's my 'me-time;' it's revitalizing; it breaks up my week. I even bring my guitar to work sometimes to practice during meal breaks, and it is so uplifting. This is the best thing I've done for myself in years. Plus, my teacher is so great. I've learned so much from her outlook on learning in general. After working with her, I feel like I can do anything." -- Jess Deshayes

"If you have even a passing interest in learning guitar, seek out this woman and be ROCKED! I stumbled into her class almost unintentionally and couldn't have found a better atmosphere to start the journey into musicianship. Janet is incredibly joyful and innately musical, with an energy that makes you genuinely excited to learn and to create. She is completely approachable and conscientiously inclusive, a natural instructor as well as a damned good songwriter. To learn from Janet is to reaffirm the all-around goodness of music making. Go forth and get hooked!" -- Jacqueline Van Meter
“Janet's guitar classes are empowering, skillful and fun! You are guaranteed to leave playing the guitar well and with a smile in your heart!” -- Deb Bermudes

"The Passim School of Music has always brought in great teachers who really know their stuff in terms of the style they teach and the way they teach it. I've taken several of Hanneke Cassel's fiddle classes now, and she's great at helping students to learn and understand the unique style of Scottish fiddling, even with a range of playing levels in each class."


If you had a great experience at the Passim School of Music, then please tell us about it!