About the School

Students in a fiddle classFounded in 2000, the Passim School of Music offers classes, master classes, workshops, and private lessons to adults in a fun and informal setting.  Part of the Passim mission is to create and encourage a vibrant music community, and the school helps accomplish this.


Club Passim and the School of Music are closely tied together. Several times per year, students have the opportunity to perform on the Club Passim stage at all-school recitals and ensemble showcases. Many Club Passim performers teach classes or workshops at the School of Music. This gives students the rare opportunity to work with an artist as an instructor, and then see the artist perform on the Club Passim stage. Teaching offers musicians a chance to become more deeply involved in the community and also provides them with an additional source of income.


A range of diverse classes, which cater to different experience levels, allows students to try their hand at guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, harmonica, voice, and more. The heart of our school is the ensemble program, in which students learn how to play with a band, and then perform on the Club Passim stage. Many students return term after term to the camaraderie and fun of the ensembles.