Boston Celtic Music Festival


It's BCMFest's 15th Anniversary!
January 18-21, 2018

A note from the festival's founders...

BCMFest is celebrating 15 years, and we’re making some exciting changes to improve audience and performer experiences. What remains is our initial passion for bringing Irish, Cape Breton, and Scottish communities together.
Growing up with traditional music, we know how much each tradition is distinct. We also know that we all really value community, inclusivity, and the pursuit of knowledge. We are proud and inspired by the high level of music that is happening in Boston’s trad music communities.
Because we often collaborate and grow from those collaborations, we wondered what would happen if we provided a space where our communities could come together and find cross-genre connections. We also wanted to let greater Boston music lovers in on the secret of the underground trad scene.
AND we wanted to work with important venues in our community, who are already making these important connections. Above all, Passim has held our hand throughout.
Over the last 15 years, we have seen an overwhelming show of support and care. The Boston traditional music community has embraced our initial vision. And with the stewardship of Ellery Klein, Emily Luce, Michael Boyle, Susie Petrov, Sean Smith, Leanne McNally, Rachel Reeds, Mariel Vandersteel, Club Passim, the Folk Arts Center, and so many invaluable volunteers—and a LOT of late nights and pizza boxes—BCMFest has given a stage for performers who have come of age through our festival, and have launched their own careers. 
We are incredibly honored and excited to watch this festival as it continues to grow for the next 15 years.




Thanks to all who attended!



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Thank You For Attending the 14th Annual

Boston's Celtic Music Festival


We hope you enjoyed two jam packed days of music, dancing, classes, and fun. Thanks to our great volunteers, performers, committee, the amazing Passim Staff members and box office people, and all of our food sponsors and partners including Whole Foods, Dunkin Donuts, Lambert's, and Cambridge 1. Like the festival? Have a suggestion for next year? Please provide feedback in our online survey (click here) so we can improve the festival. We look forward to seeing you again next year!



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Listen to Passim's executive director Jim Wooster talk about BCMFest in a recent appearance on Cambridge Community Television (CCTV)






BCMFest was born after Laura Cortese (Scottish fiddle) and Shannon Heaton (Irish flute) realized that recently they had seen many great, traditional Celtic music acts playing it the area; they thought it would be exciting if more of the Boston-area trad players worked with local folk music venues like Club Passim, the Burren, Johnny D’s, and the Canadian American Club. Soon after their talk, Laura and Shannon began planning a weekend-long showcase of local traditional talent—a Boston Celtic Music Fest to celebrate the rich, diverse pool of traditional music and dance in the Boston area.

The festival has become a hub for generating ideas, energy, and community support for local, traditional Celtic music and dance performers. In 2011, BCMFest became an official program of Passim. Today, in addition to the annual festival in January, audiences and artists can enjoy monthly concerts at Club Passim that feature a broad selection of Boston-based Celtic music and dance acts.

Our committee and artists are out to make this year's BCMFest stronger than ever, with a renewed vision for the future. By presenting touring professionals, tradition-bearers, and young performers, the festival offers a variety of music not found anywhere else. The list of performers and fans involved in the festival continues to grow, a sign that BCMFest is a vital addition to the Boston music community.